Mezzanine 3.1 for Workgroups

April 19, 2014  /  Home

I’d like to start this post off by apologising for the horrendous title, I should be ashamed of myself, and I actually am a little bit. I’ve just released Mezzanine 3.1, and the workgroups title is a play on an early version of Windows, a joke that only the most hapless nerds would try and pull off — I guess that now also includes yours truly.

On a more serious note though, this Mezzanine release is huge. 3.1 is really what 3.0 should have been, which has had quite a rocky road over the last few months — upgrading to Python 3.3, Django 1.6 and Bootstrap 3 all at once brought quite a few bugs along, but these have since been squashed and Mezzanine is now very stable.

Looking Back

Every couple of years when milestones like this are reached, I like to take a look at the growth of Mezzanine and some of the statistics around it. You can see from the table below that growth has been consistent. Note that the last time I looked at these metrics, I also reported on the total number of mailing list messages and PyPI downloads, but this time I’ve excluded these as they’re no longer available.

  Version 0.9.16 months Version 1.0.02 years Version 3.1.04 years
Project followers 120 430 1,730
Project forks 30 130 660
Project contributors 10 40 210
Mailing list subscribers 60 190 1,030
Homepage visitors 9,000 47,000 420,000

What’s New?

Along with a great list of new features, such as the ability to Tweet content from Mezzanine, and overhauled architecture documentation, Mezzanine 3.1 brings a much improved admin interface.

Mezzanine’s admin dashboard

Navigating to each section is now easier via the new left-hand menu, and usability has been improved overall with larger fonts and buttons. The beauty of this is that it’s still the regular old Django admin system underneath — all your custom admin classes and third-party Django applications plug straight in with zero effort.

A massive thanks goes out to everyone who contributed features, fixes, and support on the mailing list. Mezzanine has never been this good, and it’s all thanks to you.