Django Dash 2012 Round-Up

August 21, 2012  /  Home

The Django Dash for 2012 is now over, and once again it was a ton of fun! The Dash is a 48 hour coding competition for teams of up to three, competing to see who can build the best Django application over a weekend. To top it off, all of the entries are made available as open source.

This year I went solo for the first time, which made it quite gruelling as I had to handle everything from back-end code, interface development, and visual design. I decided to follow the same recipe as our 3rd place entry from last year, Drawn By, specifically by creating an environment where people can come together and interact in real-time using WebSockets. I named my entry GAMBLOR — it’s an online casino where people can move around and chat with each other, while playing casino games with fake money. Check out GAMBLOR as well as the source code if you’re interested, and you can see the game plugin system I built to power the initial games implemented: roulette and craps.

Apart from the staples of Django and jQuery, here are some of the components I used that made GAMBLOR possible in such a short amount of time:

I’ve put together a table below that lists all of the final entries, with links to their sites and source code. I left out any entries that didn’t contain a working site, or didn’t seem to function. If I’ve missed any or you have any other corrections, please let me know.

It’s interesting to look at some of the recurring themes present within all of the entries. There were multiple entries that fell under each of the following ideas:

My definite favourites are Heroes of Git & Hub, which lets you battle your open source projects against others in a D&D style game, and The Busitizer which I’ll just leave for you to check out for yourself.

Title Description Team Size
API Tester Automated tests for APIs 3 Site Source
Badger Get badges for open source 3 Site Source
Black Hole Mail web-app 3 Site Source
Cloud Fish Cloud server manager 3 Site Source
Comminator Hacker News clone 1 Site Source
Crowd Photo Crowd sourcing photos 2 Site Source
Django Gallery App store for photos 1 Site Source
Django Tutorial Interactive Django tutorial 3 Site Source
Folio Bag Portfolio generator 1 Site Source
Folivora Dependency manager 3 Site Source
GAMBLOR Real-time multi-user casino 1 Site Source
Gif Feed Collection of Gifs 1 Site Source
Green Room Dressing room opinion app 3 Site Source
Gungnir Cloud server manager 3 Site Source
Heroes of Git & Hub Battles of GitHub projects 2 Site Source
Ipse Dixit Collection of quotes 3 Site Source
Kirchenreich Maps mashup for churches 3 Site Source
Lemidora Photo sharing 3 Site Source
Lictor Stack trace visualizer 3 Site Source
Like I'm 5ive Dictionary / wiki tool 3 Site Source
Miracles Live Instagram/Flickr mashup of world wonders 3 Site Source
Mosaic Open source project portfolio generator 2 Site Source
Old Mail Group email collboration 3 Site Source
Pelican Migrator Migrate blogs to Pelican 3 Site Source
Project Starter Landing page generator 2 Site Source
Promisely Collection of promises 3 Site Source
Publican Business ledger app 1 Site Source
Quester Create quest games on a world map 3 Site Source
Red Check Spell checker for websites 3 Site Source Custom URL shortener 3 Site Source
Tamli Social bookmarking 1 Site Source
The Busitizer Add Gary Busey to Facebook photos 3 Site Source
The Hack Box Hackathon manager 3 Site Source
Try Box Online IDE for programming tutorials 3 Site Source
Try Try Interactive programming tutorials 2 Site Source
Tutor Us Create & run online classes 3 Site Source
Wikipedia Analytics Create charts from Wikipedia data 2 Site Source